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Shigaraki Ware Sake Set Grey Brushstrokes


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Product Details of Shigaraki Ware Sake Set Grey Brushstrokes

This is Shigaraki Ware Sake Set Grey Brushstrokes.
A Shigaraki Ware Sake set with beautiful brushstroke finishes.

Shigaraki Ware is a pottery and stoneware made in Shigaraki area, Japan. The kiln is one of ‘The Six Old Kilns’ in Japan.

Content: 1 Katakuchi jug and 2 Ochoko Cups


  • Katakuchi Jug: 290 ml (9.8 oz)
  • Ochoko Cup: 50 ml (1.7 oz)

Material: Shigaraki Ware

Made in: Shiga, Japan


Shigaraki Ware

Shigaraki boasts a location where good quality clay is produced from the nearby hills. Supported by its long history and culture, the technology has been passed on to our generation, and it is regarded as one of the six old kilns in Japan. Demonstrating the unique taste of Shigaraki, the warm fire color (scarlet color) obtained by kiln firing and the characteristic taste of bidoro glaze and charcoal with natural glaze make the earth and flame interweave and result in the “wabisabi” aesthetic concept. It is said that Shigaraki soil is highly resistant to fire, has flexibility and is durable, and is suitable for making large items and has a viscosity that makes it easy to work on making small items as well.
The characteristics of Shigaraki ware are that the iron content in the soil turns red, the ashes fall on the vessels due to the momentum of the flame in the kiln, and that a slight burn results on the pottery, all from a distinct burning style. Koshinraku also has a characteristic kiln color change phenomenon that is often seen. One of the characteristics is that the surface of the ceramics is rough and contains many fine stone particles (quartz particles, feldspar particles, silica sand).

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