Sake Set Wholesale for restaurants, merchants and corporate gifts & events


Are you business entities or restaurants interested in purchasing more than 30+ units? Then you are be eligible for Sake set wholesale discounts!


The Growing Sake Set Wholesale Supplier of Japan

SAKETALK Shop has offered wholesale Sake sets to over 300 businesses and restaurants in dozens of countries around the world. And it’s number is continuing to grow.

Main businesses using wholesale Sake Set are:

  • Japanese Restaurants looking for Sake sets to serve Sake
  • Businesses to resale Sake sets to their clients
  • Businesses to present Sake sets as a gift to their clients or workers
  • Businesses to use Sake sets for corporate events

and many others! Our large selection of Sake sets and wholesale discounts help those businesses around the world.


Large Selection of Handmade, Quality Sake Set

We have one of the largest selection of Sake Sets selling overseas. It’s so large that we still have many others that are not on our online shops. If you have specific Sake sets in your mind and cannot find them on our website, please let us know. And we can offer you some suggestions from our selection.


Wholesale discount rates vary with items. Wholesale discount is available for businesses, restaurants and shops!


Resale SAKETALK Posters

SAKETALK Posters are unique products that you won’t be able to find anywhere. If you’re interested in those posters in your restaurant, either in English or other languages, please feel free to contact us.


Other Business Inquiries

Customizing Sake aprons, Creating Sake cups printed with your own logo, collaborations to create graphic contents for Sake education, etc..
Would you like to have a business talk with us? Why not let us know!


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