Concerning Handling of Personal Information

Tanaqro Co., Ltd.

1. Name, title, affiliation, and contact information of personal information protection manager

We have appointed the following person as the manager of personal information protection as a means to appropriately and securely manage personal information, and prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

Tanaqro Co., Ltd. Junya Tanaka
2F 3-5-2 Negishi Minami-Ku Saitama-shi Japan 336-0024
TEL: 048-762-7710 

2. Purpose of use of personal information

Acquired personal information will be used for the following purposes within our legitimate scope of operations.

  1.  Customer information
    For acceptance, delivery, and payment processing of product purchases as well as sending of direct mail related to products and services.
  2. Personal information including credit card information
    We do not possess credit card information
  3. Customer information for membership registration
    For member management as well as sending of direct mail related to products and services.

3. Arbitrariness and result of personal information provision

Provision of personal information is optional. However, services included in Paragraph 2 may not be provided if required personal information is not provided at all or if it is provided partially.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

Acquired personal information will not be provided to third parties unless its use is required by law.

5.  Entrustment of personal information

To accomplish the objectives in Paragraph 2, our tasks may partially be entrusted. In this case, we will select contractors that are capable of appropriately handling personal information and appropriately manage them in te rms of appropriate management and preservation of confidentiality for personal information.

6. Acquisition of personal information through methods that cannot be easily recognized by the provider

We do not apply acquisition methods that are difficult for providers of personal information to recognize.

7. Acceptance of discontinuation, disclosure, revision, deletion, etc. of personal information

We accept requests to notify our use objective of personal information, disclosure, as well as revisions, additions, and deletion of said content, discontinuation of its use, and discontinuation of its distribution to third parties. In such case, we will confirm details with the provider and handle the request within a reasonable period.

Please reach us at the following for inquiries concerning personal information.

Tanaqro Co., Ltd. Personal Information Inquiries
2F 3-5-2 Negishi Minami-Ku Saitama-shi Japan 336-0024
TEL: 048-762-7710 

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