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Usuhari Daiginjo Sake Glass【Wooden Boxed】


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Made for Ginjo Type Sake

Usuhari Daiginjo Sake Glass is designed for drinking Ginjo type (the light, aromatic premium Sake).The inward-protruding bottom serves as a muddler when you swirl the Sake. The fruity aroma of Ginjo type Sake opens up with this glass. The trumpet shape is also perfect for the aromatic Ginjo type Sake.

80 year-old glass manufacturer hand-blows each piece.

Usuhari is super thin Sake glassware made by Matsutoku Glass, a long-standing glass manufacturer (est. 1922). They used to make hand-blown light bulbs, and finally applied their hand-blowing techniques to make this super thin Usuhari. Each piece is hand-blown with great care by local artisans.


The ultimate, super-thin cold Sake glass

Usuhari is so thin and light that its texture is as if it were not glass. Like wine, the thinner a Sake glass, the better taste and texture you can enjoy on the palate. Compare Usuhari with the Sake glass (or table-glass or whatever you have), and you’ll be surprised how differently Sake tastes.


Less than 1mm (0.04″) thinness

This super-thin glass is thinner than 1mm (0.04″), only feasible by the hands of Japanese skilled artisans. With its unique texture and super thinness, it has great popularity with Japanese Sake drinkers. Super thinness doesn’t mean the glass easily breaks as it’s made from lead-free glass.


Product Details of Usuhari Daiginjo Sake Glass

Size: approx. φ54㎜×90㎜ (φ2.1″ x H3.5″)

Capacity: approx. 250ml (8.5oz)

Material: Lead-free Glass

Manufacturer: Matsutoku Glass

Made in: Tokyo, Japan


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Weight 25 g
Wooden Box

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