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Kutani Ware Sake Cup Tree Peony 【Wooden Boxed】


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Product Details of Kutani Ware Sake Cup Tree Peony.

Kutani Ware, or Kutani-yaki, is pottery with overglaze painting, made in the southern cities of Kanazawa, Komatsu, Kaga, and Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The porcelain style is known for multiple colors—such as greens, blues, yellows, purples, and reds—and bold designs covering most of the surface of each piece.
With its vivid colors, it has attracted many fans overseas.

Size: 7.5 x 3.5 cm

Material: Porcelain (Kutani Ware)

Made in: Kanazawa, Japan


Kutani Ware

Kutani ware has a 360-year history and is a color porcelain that is popular in Japan and abroad as a traditional craft item representing Ishikawa Prefecture. The elegant colors centered around the five colors (red, green, yellow, purple, and navy blue) have been handed down from generation to generation to this day, and many people enjoy the ceramics with the profound richness of Japanese paint. Kutani ware in the modern era does not necessarily strictly stick to the traditional design represented by the old Kutani style, but each artist and pottery maker use vivid colors to create their own products, resulting in a modernist artwork. The products have a unique charm with a lively and subdued color tone, and along with Kakiemon, Ironabeshima, and Ninsei, it is a representative of Japanese color painting ceramics.
Today, it is used as a gift by the Imperial Household Agency, and was also offered as a wedding celebration for Prince Charles of England. It is widely used by prominent foreigners, and is now very well known as the beauty of Japan.
In addition to the human national treasure, the third generation Yasokichi Tokiuda, Minori Yoshida and Kingyoku Nakata create modern and elegant colors of Kutani ware, and are furthering the tradition.
There are a wide variety of Kutani ware, ranging from daily necessities to works of art. Whether you are a beginner or familiar with this art, you will be able to spend a relaxing time with their unique beauty.

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Weight 250 g



Green, Yellow

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