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Mino Ware Sake Cup Pink 4pcs 【Mino Ware】


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Product Details of Mino Ware Sake Cup Pink 4pcs

This is Mino Ware Sake Cup Pink 4pcs.

A beautiful pink Mino ware Sake set. Mino ware is one of the traditional Japanese ceramics made in Gifu Prefecture.



Content: 4 cups

Capacity: 50ml (1.7oz)

Material: Porcelain (Mino Ware)

Made in: Gifu, Japan

Mino Ware

It’s a very unique sake bottle, and it would be interesting to whip it out when a guest is over.
It is a very rare combination of Japanese Mino ware and a fish shape.

A characteristic of Mino ware is that it was developed in each era with new glazes to meet people’s tastes and through various technologies were created with various shapes and colors. For this reason, Mino ware does not just refer to one particular style and instead has various techniques.
In addition, since the Meiji era, craftsmen have developed technologies that are cheap and can be mass-produced through technological innovation. As a result, Gifu Prefecture nowadays accounts for about 50% of the market share of ceramics and has grown to become the number one production center in Japan. It has become an essential part of Japanese dining.

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