Sizzle Sake Set


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Pour cold Sake into Sizzle Sake server to the rim, and it overflows into the ochoko. It might remind you of Shishi Odoshi-  the Japanese traditional bamboo fountain tube that’s filled with water and tips to make a gentle knocking sound.

Give ear to the trickle, and It’ll immerse you with the traditional Japanese atmosphere. By exposing Sake to the air, Sake aroma opens up, making your Sake even better.

A saucer is also attached to receive any Sake that may be overflown from the Sake cup. It can also serve as a side dish plate. The notch on the saucer is for a chopstick rest.

Recommended for cold Sake like Ginjo and Daiginjo.



Product Details of Sizzle Sake Set


  • Sake Server: 90×80×70mm (3.5×3.1×2.8′)
  • Ochoko Cup: 58×58×35mm (2.3×2.3×1.4′)
  • Saucer: 150×150×20mm (5.9×5.9×0.8′)

Material: Porcelain

Microwave: OK (only for heating)

Dish Washer: OK

Made in: Gifu, Japan






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