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Hot Sake Maker 【TESCOM Electric Hot Sake Maker】


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TESCOM Electric Hot Sake Maker can hold up to 450ml (15.2 oz) – more than Twinbird Sake Warmer. It’s quicker to make hot Sake but doesn’t have the heat retention system to keep your Sake at the selected temperature.

The temperature control switch may look difficult to non-Japanese speakers. There are three gauges:

  • 一合 (left) = 180ml (6.1 oz)
  • 二合 (center) = 360ml (12.2 oz)
  • 二合半 (right) = 450ml (15.2 oz)


Hot sake making time:


Removable Sake server for easy cleaning and handling.

Illuminated Switch to tell you when it’s warming Sake and when it’s done.


Product Details of TWINBIRD Electric Sake Warmer

  • Model Number: SK31
  • Size: W183×D155×H168mm
  • Power Supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Energy Consumption: 250W
  • Temperature Adjustable Range: 45-50℃
  • Capacity: 450ml
  • Material: TBT



The power supply of this product is AC100V 50/60Hz.

The power converter will be needed for use in countries using AC 110~240V.

No refund will be applied for voltage issues.

Power Converters in: Amazon.com, Amazon.caAmazon.uk

Additional Information

Weight 1200 g

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