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Arita Ware Sake Set Old Imari【Wooden Boxed】


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Product Details of Arita Ware Sake Set Old Imari

Representing Japanese ceramics, the Old Imari sake vessel set.
Coming to Japan in the 17th Century as Japan’s first pottery, it is famous among pottery lovers.
The smooth white background with red and blue precious drawings, this ceramic set is not flamboyant but holds a sense of elegance.
This smooth but firm sensation, a typical characteristic of ceramics, belongs in the highest class of items placed near the mouth.
The drawings may appear rough, but it elevates the whiteness of its surroundings.
This sake vessel set is remarkable not only as a sake vessel but the appreciated for its artistic value is evident as well.
By enjoying Sake in this old Imari sake vessel set, there is the additional enjoyment of the 400 years of history enclosed in the set.
Ceramic sake vessels are able to handle all temperatures, so cold sake, hot sake, normal temperature, all the Sake can be enjoyed.
This sake vessel set is recommended for Sake lovers who have several bottles of their favorite Sake, those who change their Sake choice according to the weather or their temperament, and even Sake experts will find this sake vessel set ideal.
Also, the drawing on the set is ume or plum blossoms.
In Japanese history, ume is loved even more than sakura, cherry blossoms, so it is ideal for those who want to experience Japanese traditional culture.
The tokkuri and ochoko both have drawings on both the exterior and interior, so please enjoy the intricate details of the set.
Would it be nice to have a sake vessel set of the Old Imari ceramics, which has been loved not only by Japan but around the world for the last 400 years?


  • Tokkuri × 1: 430ml (14.5oz) / Height 140mm
  • Guinomi × 2: 55 × 53mm

Material: Porcelain

Made in: Saga, Japan

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