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Hana-Utsushi Sake Set【Paper Boxed】


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Product Details of Hana-Utsushi Sake Set

A sake vessel which expresses Japanese seasons through a flower, a glass sake vessel set which is both cool and provides warmth at the same time.
Though there are two color variations, the image is different. The blue and green colors are the “Ajisai” hydrangea. The sake vessel with primarily pink tones is “Hana Ikada” or a flower raft.
Ajisai is the flower during Japanese rainy season, the colorful signs of a rain flower known as ajisai, or in English, hydrangea.
And the Hana Ikada is the image of cherry blossom petals, scattered across the water.
Because both represent scenes from Japanese nature, while enjoying Sake from these sake containers, the Sake lover can feel transported to Japan for a short trip.
Not only for those interested in Japanese culture, this sake vessel is perfect for people interested in Japan’s beautiful natural scenery.
Because the katakuchi with the lip on the side is wide open, after pouring the Sake into the vessel, we recommend adding flower petals. Sake lovers may appreciate these moments of Japanese culture even more.
Tsugaru vidro, a designated traditional craft in Aomori, manufactures this sake vessel.
After the molten glass is on the iron, there is blowing and then with a moist cloth, the sculpting occurs.
The piece is created by highly skilled craftsmen, who continuously study how to create even better pieces.
Because each piece is created individually by hand, each piece has its own unique design and pattern.
We hope Sake lovers may find their own unique piece, to one day become their favorite sake vessel to enjoy Sake even more.

Content: 1 Katakuchi Flask and 2 Cups


  • Katakuchi Flask: 180 ml (6 oz)

Material: glass

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Cherry blossom, Hydrangea