White Rainbow Sake Cup


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Look how shiny this Sake set is! We aren’t sure why it’s called ‘white rainbow’ as rainbow is seven colors and.. But you’ll kind of know the reason once you look at the Sake set.

We wish we had enough vocabulary to explain this mystetious color.. It’s white and,, shiny! The glorious piece made in Gifu prefecture (up north of Tokyo, or norther Kanto region). It’s a piece of Mino ware which accounts for the majority of the Japanese pottery wares in Japan.

You know your Sake will shine and taste like rainbow out of this Sake set!


Get Sake set in this style!


Product Details of this Sake Cup


  • W66 x H34mm (W2.6″ x H1.3″)

Material: Pottery

Made in: Gifu Prefecture, Japan


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Weight 50 g