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Nousaku Tin Champagne Glass Gold (Small)【Paper Boxed】


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100% Pure Tin Champagne Glass

This Nousaku Champagne Glass is made in collaboration with the renowned Japanese-French restaurant ‘Sous Les Cerisiers‘ in Paris.

Enjoy your sparkling wine or sparkling Sake in this beautiful pure-tin glass.


Bend As You Please. Shape However You Like.


Nousaku products are bendable because it’s a 100% pure tin product.
It is common to add other metallic materials to provide durability and facilitate cutting work, but Nousaku uses tin without such additives.

You’ll be amazed by how flexible Nousaku products are. It can be bent and shaped as you please. How your Sake vessel is shaped is only limited by your imagination and your hands!

Nousaku Sake vessels with gold coating or patterns and Nousaku plates are harder to bend than the plain tin cups.

The original shape may not be regained once bent. It depends on your hands. Please shape responsibly.

Nousaku Sake cups and vessels do not snap off for general use. However, excessive bending can give cracks to them. Please bend them gently.


Nousaku Makes Sake Milder

Since ancient times, it has been said that tin wares make Sake milder, removing its off-flavors.

It has been believed that water in a tin container does not spoil, and tin removes excessive bitterness from sake and produces better taste. Because it is known to absorb impurities and purify water, tin wares allow you to enjoy liquor, meals, sweets, or flowers. Tin plate cooled in a refrigerator for 2-3 minutes will keep the plate fresh and cold.


Great Heat Conductivity


Pour cold Sake into Nousaku Sake cup, and you’ll immediately feel its coldness from the body of the Sake cup. In a flash of second, really.

Likewise, the warmth of hot Sake is quickly conducted to the Sake cup once it’s poured.


Nousaku Doesn’t Rot

Tin is resistant to oxidation and discoloration, and doesn’t rust like iron.

Moreover, tin won’t blacken like silver. It can be washed with household neutral detergent for general use.


Nousaku Is Harmless to Body.

Nousaku products are 100% tin. Therefore, it doesn’t include any lead. Utilizing antibacterial effects of tin, Nousaku also produces medical appliances.


Handmade by Artisans


Each product is handmade by artisans in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Takaoka is the producing center of 90% of Japanese temple bells.


Product Details of Nousaku Tin Champagne Glass Gold (Small)

Size: 130 ml (4.4 oz)

Material: Tin, Gold Coating

Made in: Toyama, Japan

Additional Information

Weight 250 g



Gold, Silver

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