Kutani Porcelain – the Vivid Masterpiece from Ishikawa

kutani porcelain

What is Kutani Porcelain or Kutani Ware?

Kutani Porcelain, or Kutani Ware is one of the ceramic ware, originated and made in Ishikawa Prefecture. Appraised as ‘Japan Kutani’ from around the world, Kutani porcelain represents one of the Japanese traditional crafts.


Kutani Porcelain – Main characteristics

The main characteristic of Kutani porcelain is quite self-explanatory – its vivid, colourful paintings. Known as ‘Kutani Gosai’ (literally means ‘Kutani 5 colors’), Kutani Porcelain’s dignified appearance is attributable to layers of the base 5 colors (red, green, yellow, purple and navy blue).


Kutani Porcelain Inherited over 360 Years

The traditional techniques of Kutani porcelain have been inherited from artisans to artisans from over 360 years, to produce various types, ranging from the traditional painting patterns to the modern cute looks nowadays.


Our Kutani Porcelain is All Handmade in Japan

Each piece is handmade and handcrafted by individual artisans with high pride. And this is why Kutani porcelain is renowned as a luxurious tableware, and as a great choice for gifts as well for your everyday use to enjoy your beloved Sake.

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