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The Seven Lucky Gods Sakazuki Set【Wooden Boxed】


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Product Details of The Seven Lucky Gods Sakazuki Set

Kutani Ware known globally as “Japan Kutani” created this Hai set.
“Shichifukujin” or the Seven Lucky Gods are drawn on these sake cups.
The seven lucky gods, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Ebisuten, Jorojin, Fukurokujo, Benzaiten, Hotei bring auspicious fortune in areas such as business, agriculture, art, etc., and each God shields us from different misfortunes.
Kutani Ware is known for its use of red, green, yellow, purple, and navy blue to express nature and people. It is the ideal ceramic to display the Seven Lucky Gods.
It can be said its true ability was demonstrated in creating this Hai set.
The celebratory aspect of the hai is apparent, but let us not forget the beauty in the design of this set.
As this collection is purchased as a set, we feel it would be ideal for a gift.
Kutani Ware also holds its own quality of smoothness in its products.
Not only the excellent design, when the hai is placed to the lips, there is no stress felt, allowing the pure sensation of Sake to be enjoyed.
The hai is a not a deep sake vessel, so the amount of Sake in the mouth is not too much.
This Hai set is recommended for Sake lovers who enjoy the chic style of sipping Sake.
Also recommended for Sake lovers who enjoy the taste of Sake but easily become drunk from Sake.

Content: 7 Cups

Material: ceramic