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Tsugaru Vidro 5 Mini Glass Set 【Paper Boxed】



Tsugaru Vidro 5 Mini Glass Set 【Paper Boxed】

Product Details of Tsugaru Vidro 5 Mini Glass Set

To enjoy the colorfulness, a collection of 5 mini vidro glasses.
In addition to the enjoyment of sampling Sake, there is the pleasure in selecting the glass.
Perfect for delicacies.
The glasses are delivered in a giftbox, so this is a perfect item as a present.

Sakazuki size:

  • Maximum 62mm Height 48mm Capacity 50ml
  • Maximum 74 mm Height 44mm Capacity 50ml
  • Maximum 65 mm Height 38mm Capacity 50ml

Production Region: Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Material: Soda Glass


Tsugaru Bidoro

“Tsugaru Bidoro” is a glass craft produced at the glass factory “Hokuyo Glass” in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture. “Bidoro” stems from the Portuguese word “video” meaning “glass”. Various products such as glasses, plates, chopstick rests, vases, etc. are handmade by skilled craftsmen.
There are more than 100 color variations, such as the calm green Shichiri Nagahama, the deep blue Ruri, and the refreshing blue Ainezumi, and because of its beauty, it has fans all over the world.
Tomita, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, is located in the western part of the Tsugaru Peninsula and has been a fishing area since ancient times. Hokuyo Glass was originally a glass factory that produced “ukidama (a type of floating ring used for the temporary retention of fishing boats and the installation of fixed nets)” for the fishing industry, and the various expressions in the current Tsugaru Bidoro stem from the technology cultivated in the ukidama-making.