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Hinoki Cypress Masu Wooden Sake Box


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Hinoki Cypress Masu Wooden Sake Box
Masu, a Sake wooden box,  was originally designed centuries ago in Japan as a measuring tool for rice and Sake. Generally used in ceremonial occasions like weddings today, Masu is also widely used to drink Sake at home and restaurants.

In restaurants in Japan, a 1-serving of Sake is often served in a Masu wooden box with a glass cup inside. It’s said to give a hint of wooden aroma to Sake. And it also gives the good ol’ traditional atmosphere to your drink scene.



Product Details of Hinoki Cypress Masu Wooden Sake Box


  • Small: H50 x W80 mm (H2.0 x W3.1)
  • Large: H55 x W85 mm (H2.2 x W3.3)


  • Small: 140 ml (4.7oz)
  • Medium: 180ml (6.1oz) Standard Size

Material: Glass

Made in: Tokyo, Japan

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Small (140ml / 4.7oz), Medium (180ml / 6.1oz)