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Akashino Bamboo Joint Guinomi Sake Cup


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Akashino Bamboo Joint Guinomi Sake Cup

Product Details of Akashino Bamboo Joint Guinomi Sake Cup


  • 60ml / 58 x 44mm

Material: Porcelain

Made in: Japan

It is a warm, gentle shade of light red.
Akashino is a type of shino ware made by applying feldspar glaze to a red color by applying sludge with a little iron content.
It is a cup with a warm feeling with a beautiful pale red color.
The base of shino is “Mogusa soil”, which is a white clay with a low iron content. A thick opaque translucent white glaze is applied to the glaze, and the glaze has fine penetrations and small holes called “yuzu-skin,” and the glaze is thin. As for the rim and glaze, a reddish color called “fire color” (scarlet color) is present.

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