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Kikichoko Glass AROMA【Paper Boxed】


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Kikichoko (aka Janome Ochoko) with the blue circles at the bottom of the cup is one of  the most-known ochoko cups. It’s the one used for Sake tasting by Sake sommeliers.

Kikichoko tasting cup is known to be made from porcelain, but now here comes the glass version!

There are two types – FLAVOR type and AROMA type.

Kikichoko Tasting Sake Glass AROMA comes in a bowl shape. This wine-glass-like shape enables you to sniff out the aroma of Sake directly from the glass. The shape also allows Sake to spread in your mouth to enjoy the complex flavor of Sake once you drink. Especially recommended for Sake enthusiasts.

The blue circles at the bottom is called Janome. Janome literally means ‘Snake eye’. It’s called Janome because the two blue circles inside the cup look like a snake’s eye. These circles are used for checking the quality of Sake.

The white parts are for checking the ‘transparency’ of Sake, while the blue circles are for the gloss of Sake.

The name, Kikichoko stems from two words – ‘Kiki’ (tasting) and ‘choko‘ (Ochoko /Sake cup). Therefore, the name literally means ‘Sake tasting cup’!

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Product Details of Kikichoko Tasting Sake Glass AROMA

Size: H90 x W55 mm (H3.5 x W2.2)

Capacity: 220ml (7.4oz) Recommended to serve 90-120ml (3-4oz)

Material: Glass

Made in: Tokyo, Japan

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