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Hakuji Sake Vessels Sampling Set


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Hakuji Sake Vessels Sampling Set

Do you know your perception of the flavor of Sake can surprisingly alter by just changing the sake vessel?

This is a set of 4 sakazuki. Please enjoy the changes in taste according to the different shapes of the sake vessel.

When examining the shapes of the sake vessels, the most important point is the diameter of the brim or opening. A smaller opening causes the Sake to taste more refreshing; if the opening is wider, the flavor feels more rich. For drinking a large amount of lighter Sake, a vertical long shaped vessel, and for drinking a small amount of deeper, more concentrated Sake, we recommend selecting a vessel with a wider opening.

Also, it is interesting to change sake vessels while drinking Sake. For example, if the first cup is taken with a wide opening rappa-trumpet-type vessel, a brilliant aroma can be enjoyed. If the second cup is taken with a straight-type vessel, a refreshing taste can be experienced. Though the same Sake, it can be enjoyed in different ways.

Hakuji Sake Vessels Sampling Set

  • Straight: 45×70mm(80ml)
  • Tsubomi: 50×60mm(80ml)
  • Bowl: 60×50mm (80ml)
  • Rappa: 70×55mm(80ml)

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