Tamamijiman Junmai unfiltered




A junmai sake that brings out the taste and sweetness of rice. The Ishikawa family has been around 400 years since setting up in the land of Fussa, Tokyo, and the current Shinhachiro Ishikawa is the 17th generation head of the family. During the Edo period, the Ishikawa family served as the leader of the neighborhood community, and also as a leader of Kumakawa village under the direct control of the shogunate, and served as a regional leader, offering gifts to the generals, worked as a Korean communications envoy, etc. If you look at the diary left after the Tenmei period which recorded the public and private events, the life and atmosphere of the village are written about abundantly. The Ishikawa family, from the periods of Tenmei to Kansei (the end of the 18th century), began their works as merchants dealing with coal and Ome cloth. In addition to being merchants, the family began having exchanges with people from a wider range of areas. These exchanges as a merchant further created cultural exchanges such as haiku, and also created the foundation for the sake brewing business.