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Making hot Sake in microwave is not actually recommended as it warms Sake unevenly. However, maybe you can’t be bothered to warm Sake by using a pan and a cooking stove.

Then use this Sake warmer! Simply pour hot water into the bowl and place the tokkuri inside (with the cup on as a lid). You can instantly make hot Sake in approx. 3 min.

This Mino ware Sake warmer can be kept by your side on the table to create a chic ambiance.

You can also put ice cubes in the bowl to make cold Sake.


Product Details of Sake Warmer Mino Brown

Content: 1 tokkuri flask server and 1 sake warmer bowl

Size: 124xH155mm

Capacity: 310ml (10.5oz)

Material: Mino Ware

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