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Product Details of Round Guinomi Set -Artisan-

A sake vessel set with the feeling of warmth, a well-known characteristic of wood.
A seamless sake vessel set, made completely from Japanese cypress, carved out using the Rokuro, potter’s wheel.
Rokuro is associated with ceramic pieces, but in reality, it has also been used from the olden days in wood manufacturing processes.
The procedure is different. For wood, it is used to draw out the feelings of softness and warmth wooden product possess.
Of course, natural wood is used in this sake vessel set. A big point of attraction is the differences between each wooden set. Even if the sake vessel set originates from the same tree, each set has their own “face,” so Sake lovers are able to purchase their own original sake vessel set.
The emblem branded onto the pieces bring the set together, elevating the Japanese atmosphere of the pieces.
It is said one of the advantages of a wooden sake vessel set is that wood does not convey heat very well. For the amount of Sake the tokkuri can hold, the Sake can be drunk at the normal temperature from start to finish.
Of course, the scent of Japanese cypress from the wood can be enjoyed together with the Sake.
Sake lovers can enjoy the gentle presence of wood when it touches the hand and mouth.
Easy for the hand and lips to become familiar with, the tokkuri and guinomi is round, resembling the shape of the most basic ingredient of Sake, rice.
Though this sake vessel set is created simply, because it is made from wood, there are maintenance precautions.
After use, instead of placing in the dishwasher, please wash the pieces by hand and dry completely.
And because the Sake lover puts their own effort into the maintenance of this sake vessel set, it will become an original, only for the Sake lover, keepsake sake vessel set.

Content: 1 Tokkuri Flask and 2 Guinomi Cups

Material: wood