Kutani Ware Sake Set Plum White and Red


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Kutani Ware, or Kutani-yaki, is pottery with overglaze painting, made in the southern cities of Kanazawa, Komatsu, Kaga, and Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The porcelain style is known for multiple colors—such as greens, blues, yellows, purples, and reds—and bold designs covering most of the surface of each piece. With its vivid colors, it has attracted many fans overseas.

Product Details of this Kutani Ware Sake Set


  • Tokkuri Server: 1
  • Ochoko Cup: 2
  • Tray : 1


  • Tokkuri Server: 350 ml (11.8 oz)
  • Ochoko Cup: 80 ml (2.7 oz)

Material: Porcelain (Kutani Ware)

Made in: Kanazawa, Japan

Weight 500 g



Green, White


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