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Edo Kiriko Sake Set Kenbishi-Nanako pettern 【Paper Boxed】


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Edo Kiriko Sake Set Kenbishi-Nanako pettern 【Paper Boxed】

Product Details of Edo Kiriko Sake Set Kenbishi-Nanako pettern

Content: 1 Tokkuri Flask and 2 Sakazuki Cups


  • Tokkuri Flask: 240 ml (8 oz)
  • Sakazuki Cup: 50 ml (1.7 oz)

Material: glass


Edo Kiriko

Beautiful and modern Edo Kiriko. When the glass is cut, it reflects light and enhances its shine.
Edo Kiriko is a technique of making valuable traditional crafts that exist in Japan as excellent glass crafts of the Edo period. Its history is old, and production began in the late Edo period. The tradition fails to go extinct and has been passed down by craftsmen for over 170 years.

Edo Kiriko Kenbishi Nanako Monyou
The Tenkai tumbler has a refreshing appearance. While taking advantage of the original tradition of Edo Kiriko, glass with a modern design has been carefully finished by a skilled traditional craftsman. Kiriko craftsmen have come up with their own design while simultaneously incorporating various traditional motifs.
Looking at the warmth of the handmade craft and the delicate technology, it is a beautiful glass that will make you sigh out of amazement.