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Edo Kiriko Guinomi Set Kenbishi-Star pattern【Wooden Boxed】


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Product Details of Edo Kiriko Guinomi Set Kenbishi-Star pattern

Edo Glass, the manufacturer of cut class, was established at the end of the Edo period in Edo, a place presently known as Tokyo.
The traditional patterns have grown to over 10 different categories, each having their skillful techniques passed down and continued, even now, without becoming extinct.
The pattern introduced here are of the Kenbishi-Stars.
By having small and large patterns carved into the glass, the light reflects beautifully from the glass at any angle. The flickering flames of the fireplace or the afternoon sun allow the beauty of this set to be appreciated even more.
Of course, even without the light, the glass illuminates their own special beauty. Wherever the scene, this sake vessel set will not lose its beauty.
The glass sake vessel requires many delicate adjustments, all completed by hand by the craftsmen in this truly handmade piece.
Due to the time spent on each individual piece for carving and examining the finer details, it is said no two identical pieces can be found in the world.
The slight distortions or marks reflect the charm and specialness of the sake vessel.
Sake lovers looking for the unique “only for me,” “only for my family” guinomi set should be satisfied with this sake vessel set.
And because there are 5 different colors to select from, a selection can be made depending on the mood of the day. Or each member of the family or friends can select their “own” guinomi.
Using the guinomi filled with tradition, Sake lovers may immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Japanese culture.
Perfect beautiful design for solo or family use and, of course, as a gift.

Content: 5 Guinomi Cups


  • Guinomi Cup: 100 ml (3.4 oz)

Material: Ceramic