Arita Ware Tenmoku Joka (Large) ※able to apply directly to flame (stove burner)


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Being able to directly place this product on the stove burner is one of the advantages of this product. As this product was originally created for shochu, people may wonder if it is forbidden to make hot sake in this type of vessel (joka)? Certainly not!

How to use this vessel: First, after pouring Sake into the vessel, wipe the bottom of the vessel. Warm the Sake using a low to simmering flame. Once heated, pour the Sake into the ochoko or guinomi.
For drinking, the temperature of the Sake should be from 45 to 50℃. After heating, please be careful not to place the vessel on a wet rag or anyplace with water, as this is the main cause for corrosion. Be cautious of both the temperature and water.
Placing the heated sake vessel on a table may cause burnt stains, so please place the vessel on a hot pad pot holder or a thick book.

The boiling point for alcohol is 78 degrees. If Sake is exposed to a temperature higher than this, the alcohol will evaporate and Sake will change into a foamy state.
If this occurs, Sake will be a spicy, rough shochu so please be careful not to heat the Sake to such a high temperature.

Large【Capacity】450ml  【Size】Width 18.5cm ×17cm × Height 8cm
Small【Capacity】250ml  【Size】Width 13.2cm×12.9cm × Height 7cm